And it came




[Rant] Life’s a…

I don’t think many of you knew my situation before I moved, and I’m not going to go into detail about it. But, I had a rough time when everyone in my high school was having the time of their lives. My choice was to go to college somewhere far, far away. I guess a few other students I graduated with had the same idea. A few of them go to a college about an hour or so from me. Today, I saw on Facebook them crying about how they hate their school and drive 3 hours home every weekend so they don’t have to be there. I’ve seen a lot of people who have gone away for college from my town in this same position and even the ones who have stayed seem to have lost purpose.

*warning cursing*

Guess all you bitches get what you deserve for making my life hell. 🙂 I’ll just live it up while you suffer. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it? ♡