Medical Rant *Cursing* *Slightly TMI*

This is very TMI, it’s about my medical experience today. if you’re uncomfortable with girl lingo please move on. Just want to rant.

It’s sad that we live in a world where if youre a woman in pain or feeling sick you’re automatically pregant. I feel so fucking insulted right now.
So I went to the doctors because I have had pain in my lower right side for 2 or 3 weeks. Which, btw, was during my damn period. It’s getting sharper and you know what’s on the right side? The appendix. So when I got to the doctor they asked me one if I was pregnant, which, was okay because my symptoms are of a pregnancy for the most part. Then they had me do a urine sample, I thought it was to see if maybe my blatter or kidney was infected. NOPE IT WAS A PREGNANCY TEST! I felt really insulted at that. Then they had me get an ultra sound to see if i had a cyst (that can cause a lot of pain I’ve had one in my ankle) and the ultra sound lady kept repeatedly asking me if it was possible I was pregant to where I had to say “I. AM. A. VIRGIN.” I feel so fucking insulted that we live in this kind of world. Saying it once should have been enough.


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