Junhyeok left



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    1. I knew it was coming. I tried to pretend it wasnt. But I knew when Day6 canceled the radio show that they do twice a month. I knew when Junhyeok changed his ig to “j93h93”, I knew when he removed day6 from his bio and removed all the JYP hashtags. But I wanted to be wrong.


      1. Well, if it was his personal choice, then we can at least be happy that he is doing what he wants to be doing.
        Having him in a band he wants to leave won’t bring him any good.


      2. It’s happened a few times. one time he posted a drawing of a musician in the subway playing for likes instead of money and everyone on their phones. Because of that his korean fan sites shut down and he got hate. He got hate for posting a pic of the money 3 members owed him that they paid, and this was what made him snap. He got into a scandal about dating a fan just for replying to her and she stalked him and said they were dating. It turned out to be false and they did a concert in Korea and all the Korean fans didnt sign his partz, we’re quiet, and ignore him. They left hate on his ig too.


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