Pointless Rant

*Warning cursing ahead*

On IG I follow this kpop confessions account. People send in what they want to say and it gets posted anonymously. There is this girl that comments on every confession and replies to every person and is just so rude and condescending. Every time she has replied to me I ignored her. But last night I snapped. There was a Day6 confession claiming Day6 to be a rock group. Being in a band doesn’t make you rock lmao. Other people were saying they were all these obscure genres too. Anyway, I commented “whaaat… they’re more pop than rock if anything….” THEN THAT STUPID GIRL REPLIES TO ME WITH “havent you heard of pop rock? that’s a thing you know…” And I lost it, because 1. Your bias group isn’t Day6 so don’t act like you know SHIT about them becasue even their FANS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT THEM. Only a select few who bias them ever know what’s going on. 2. WAS I SAYING WHAT GENRE THEY ARE? NO! I was pointing you ignorant people to the fact that Day6 has more of a pop sound. THEY ARE EVEN MORE ELECTRONIC THAN ROCK! Real Day6 biases ALL AGREE. 3. Don’t act like you know more about music because you’re a condescending bitch. So I replied to her with “Yes i know pop rock is a thing. But day6 is more than that you know…” Anyway, she never replied. Last night again I was reading the confessions and someone confessed they love exo but hated their new slow song because they can’t stand slow songs, which I can’t either. I love Day6 but their song Colors sucks to me. So, there is the bitch again saying “Slow songs have deep meanings, have you even looked up the meaning to the song Confessior? I promise you’ll like it then.” Bitch you don’t know shit. 1. Even slow songs with good meanings still make me groan and annoyed. 2. A SONG DOESNT HAVE TO BE SLOW TO CONVEY AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE. FOR EXAMPLE: PIERCE THE VEIL. 3. WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC THIS PERSON LIKES???? I didn’t bother replying to her because it would have included a range of “arrogant bitch” and “get off your high horse.” Anyway, someone did reply to her and said “The confessor might know the meaning but that doesn’t mean they have to like the song.” She replied with some other stupid comment that comes out of her stupid mouth and the other person replied to her saying “You dont know why they don’t like slow songs and you didn’t even ask so you have no right to say these things still.” Can the condescending bitch get blocked now?


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